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Dołącz do marki drzewko Firma Rodzinna

Fundacja Firmy Rodzinne (FFR) was founded in 2011. Its goal is to protect common family businesses interests by building the community and enhancing the feeling of shared goals, We offer family businesses support and promotion. Owing to the Foundation activities it is possible to get advice, exchange knowledge and experience among other family businesses, in particular, during the mentoring meetings held in other family businesses.


Fundacja Firmy Rodzinne

A Proud Past, A Sustainable Future

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Family businesses constitute internationally the cornerstones of economies; they guarantee development, security and durability through generations. They were often set up on the grounds of the passionate first generation owners (now they have transformed into big corporations, namely Auchan, Mars, Wrigley etc.). The family businesses (nowadays multegenerational) provide sustainable economic development, foster business traditions and culture which focuses on building long-term values.

In Poland the family business idea was reborn with the 1989 transformation, so it has been present for more than 25 years. We have recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of free market economy in which, without granting those businesses any special treatment, they were developing dynamically and today they constitute a significatnt part of the Polish economy. In this light, taking into account the international research, we estimate that we have more than a milion family businesses in Poland. They make up for about 78% of all businesses. Nowadays, family businesses, not big multinationals, play a crucial role as employers.


We organise events

themed – providing high-quality knowledge

mentoring – smaller family businesses can meet established family entrepreneurs

seminars and conferences


We build family businesses community

We issue a quaterly magazine for family businesses with the goal of providing news on FB events, knowledge and interesting articles

We carry out the Family Business Tree social campaign

The Family Business Tree brand

The Family Business Tree brand is a registered trademark. Family businesses products and services can be awarded the right to use this mark in order to help them distinguish from other companies on the market.

The Foundation awards the right to use this brand.

Family businesses by using this mark showcase their pride. Additionally, they also inform their customers (individuals or other businesses) of being a family business.



Establishing and strengthening family businesses community

Fundacja Firmy Rodzinne is a not-for-profit organisation; it helps and represents families who run businesses. The Foundation is based on a principle of mutual support and cooperation among family businesses. Its activities are directed towards family businesses members who want to have influence on the reality they live in.


Taking care of families and their businesses security

Different statistics show invaluable for economies stability of family businesses. It is not a coincidence that Germany considers family businesses to be the cornestone of its stable economy. Families and their wealth (businesses) security should be a priority as it is beneficial for the long-term economic development.


Opening Polish businesses to global experiences

In order to transfer experience and traditions from abroad we set up a Polish chapter of the international organisation FBN (Family Business Network) - FBN Poland in 2012. The Foundation was running the FBN Poland from 2012 to 2015. We were able to explore multigenerational families’ experience. They have already gone through the process of succession more than once. We organised meet, look for solutions and implement already existing practices to avoid the same mistakes which somebody else has already made.


Supporting the next generation

Polish family entrepreneurs celebrate the 25th anniversary which also means that many of them now face the succession. The next generation requires special support, therefore, it is our mission to provide it through access to knowledge, workshops, trainings, and internships, national and international meetings.


Raising the awareness of the Family Business Tree brand

Two dimensions of raising the awareness. Firstly, among the families themselves, so that they know how profitable it is to use “we are a family business” marketing messaging when communicating with their business partners. Secondly, among the consumers in order to make the brand instantly recognisable.


The Foundation adopted the principles ruling other international organisations. It is all directed towards building social capital in Poland. We want to create a safe place to exchange experience.







The Foundation adopted the principles in line with those ruling other similar international organisations. It is all directed towards building the neccessary social capital in Poland among family businesses. We want to create a safe place to exchange experience.

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